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WHITECHAPEL - WHITECHAPEL - New 2012 Track-By-Track Full Album Review!


Here we are with an album review of Whitechapel which is the upcoming fourth studio album by the American deathcore band Whitechapel To be released worldwide on June 19, 2012, through Metal Blade Records.

This is clearly the best Whitechapel album ever in my opinion because of the unbelievable diversity in all of the songs and throughout the entire album. "There's a lot of variety on this record – it has the fastest songs we've ever written on it, but it also has the slowest songs we've ever written, so whether you like the slower grooves of A New Era Of Corruption (2010) or the really fast riffs of This Is Exile (2008) there is something for everyone on this album," explains Wade. "It also has a much stronger sense of dynamics, because if you're just smashing someone over the head one hundred percent of the time it can get monotonous, and there's more melody to it too. Some of the choruses are really dark but have so much melody you could almost sing over them – which is something we would never do, but having that dynamic there is exciting to us."

Track-By-Track Review:
Make it Bleed - This song starts off with an amazing piano melody then an amazing riff comes in and then the deathcore! top of the line deathcore! then it goes into this clean guitar part for bit then into the first solo of the album. This solo is over top an amazing whitechapel style breakdown which makes it sound amazing. Then the song ends with with really cool guitar parts over some brutal deathcore. This is the most diverse song on the entire album and it really start the album off amazingly!

Hate Creation - It starts off with a very nu-metal riff then it goes into whitechapel's usual deathcore sound. Then after about a minute of that it goes into this almost like Slipknot feel. I nu-metal riff repeats with aggressive spoken word work by Phil. then I heads right into a breakdown for a bit then back into very fast drumming deathcore. Then it ends with a outro breakdown and a scream by Phil. This song has a really groovy feel to it. Surly one of my favorite on the album.

(Cult)uralist - This song starts off very heavy and brutal right from the beginning. The double kick in this song is absolutely unbelievable. Phil's vocal phrasing in this song is top noch. There is another amazing guitar solo in this one. The solo is a lot slower then the guitar solo in the first track but is still really awesome. The end of the solo really reminds me of the beginning of China Town by Van Halen. The song ends with this real Djent feel with real eery guitar over it. Another really brutal amazing whitechapel song!

I, Dementia - This song starts off with cool effects on the guitar then it gets really heavy. This song is a lot slower then most on the album. It has a real cool feel to it. The lyrics as usual for Phil are amazing in this song. The vocals are probably the most catchy most likely due to the reason curtain lines are repeated at least 4 times. The song slows down around the half way point then goes right into a amazing slow breakdown. Lots of awesome chugging in this song. Then another short solo comes in then into the heavy outro and ends with some cool guitar.

Section 8 - This song was released on the RECORRUPTED EP last year. This is in my opinion one of there best songs they have. This has everything you could ask for in a whitechapel song. amazing breakdowns, fast pace blast beats, amazing drumming, awesome phrasing, amazing guitar solo and a sick vocal break in the end of it by Phil. This is a perfect ending to a Whitechapel song in my opinion. The lyrics in this song are really thought out.

Faces - This song starts off extremely heavy right from the beginning then into a really cool chorus with a breakdown over it. About half way through the song they slow it down then the drummer goes right back into blast beats then into a mini guitar solo type things with harmonizing. The chorus in this song is very catchy. This is clearly one of the best songs on the album.

Dead Silence - This song starts off with a awesome guitar riff then Phil's vocals bring us into the song with a vocal break. This one guitar riff in the song really reminds me of the first riff in Fire From The Sky by: Shadows Fall. It almost sounds identical. This song is extremely heavy and has many awesome guitar licks. Really cool trashy feel in this song. The song ends with clean guitar playing the awesome guitar riff that sounds like Shadows Fall and some other random clean guitar part.

The Night Remains - This song starts with some clean guitar then right into a fast deathcore breakdown. Then comes some more awesome vocals from Phil. Really awesome vocal cut part in this song. This is a really bouncy song. there is some spoken word stuff in this song. This is another really cool diverse song off this album.

Devoid - This starts off with more piano then into a breakdown that pretty much goes on through the 2 minutes of the song with some amazing guitar harmonizing and stuff. This is a really good very short track with no vocals.

Possibilities of an Impossible Existence - Here is a perfect ending to this amazing album. This song really closes the album. The guitar parts in this song really give a cool ending vibe to the song. Awesome breakdown in this song then the song ends with the piano part that the album started with.

This album is a complete masterpiece. While frontman Phil Bozeman has proven himself to be one of the most formidable vocalists and lyricists in metal of the last few years, his previous efforts pale in comparison to his contributions to this new record. You can easily tell Phil put a lot of work into the lyrics and the recordings of the vocals for this new record. And the drumming.. Whitechapel hired a new drummer named Ben Harclerode and he did absolutely amazing on this album. The double kick is extremely fast, he really does have some of the coolest fills and every drum part he wrote for this new album fit absolutely perfect. The guitar work on this album is clearly the the best compared to any previous Whitechapel album. The solos are amazing, the guitar licks are amazing, the harmonizing is amazing, and the riffs are extremely brutal and heavy. But they do have 3 guitarist so that is a little advantage. The songs on this album will be very amazing to see live all summer long at the Mayhem Festival 2012.

Whitechapel are officially the masters of deathcore.

From start to finish this album is absolutely amazing and that is why we are rating Whitechapel's new self titled album a 9 out of 10.

Thank you Whitechapel for this amazing album.

Make sure to go out and buy this record when it comes out on June 19th in North America. It is well worth it.

And before we close out we just wanted to tell you guys we will be conducting an interview with Whitechapel frontman Phil Bozeman on Thursday May 31st 2012 and we are wondering if you had any questions you wanted us to ask him. If you do please leave them in the comment sections down below.

Best Songs:
Make it Bleed
Hate Creation
I, Dementia
Section 8

Thanks for reading!

No. Title Music Length
1. "Make It Bleed"   4:12
2. "Hate Creation"   3:29
3. "(Cult)uralist"   3:42
4. "I, Dementia"   4:43
5. "Section 8"   4:26
6. "Faces"   3:12
7. "Dead Silence"   4:38
8. "The Night Remains"   2:58
9. "Devoid"   2:50
10. "Possibilities of an Impossible Existence"   4:00
Total length:

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