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Angelmaker - Debut EP 'Decay' - Full Track-By-Track Album Review!

AngelMaker is a 6 piece Deathcore band from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They are one of the many metal bands in the Vancouver scene with two frontmen. These guys just seem to pull it off the best! This is a review of their debut EP titled, "Decay" set to be released on September 15th 2012.

Decay is an outstanding EP, possibly the best I’ve heard all year, and clearly the best Debut I have heard from a Deathcore Band. One of the Great things about AngelMaker is that you can clearly understand the lyrics. In my opinion this makes the music much more enjoyable. I also love that fact that this is some of the most catchiest Deathcore music I have ever heard. This EP is just overall a musical heavy metal masterpiece. 

1) Decay - This is the perfect intro song for this EP. It starts off with a clean guitar melody with a thunderstorm in the background then the drums lead the track into a much heavier bouncier feel with heavier guitar copying the clean guitar melody on the beginning. Then comes the breakdown call and it goes into a killer really brutal slow breakdown and ends with a faster more upbeat breakdown lead in by some cool drum fills and extremely tasteful guitar licks. This intro is really dynamic and that is what I look for in Metal bands intro songs! This is a perfect way to start off this EP. 

2) Hell - This track was the first I heard from this band. This is an extremely catchy song especially for deathcore. Lyrics, guitar riffs, breakdowns, breakdown calls, etc.. They are all extremely catchy. This starts off with a cool guitar intro then into some brutal deathcore. The breakdown call/chant gang vocal part is absolutely hilarious and fits the part surprisingly well. The first breakdown in this song is probably my favourite breakdown on this EP. There are some amazing pinch harmonics in this breakdown which make it extremely heavy. Most drum parts in this song are very impressive also. Many blast beats and tons of amazing fast double kick. 1:54 in the song has an extremely bouncy riff that sounds really cool. This song ends with a heavy slower outro breakdown and it is just a perfect ending to this killer track.

3) Blaze - starts off with a heavy guitar riff then into a thrash beat with an extremely catchy guitar riff that really gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. In the middle of the song there is this one breakdown call chanted by the whole band, "Drain the blood from your veins, Birth new life from your scattered remains". After this chant there are these really memorable fast high screams. This is a really memorable song on the album most likely due to the amazing guitar riff that really gets stuck in your head. 

4) What I've Become (Feat. Darian Mazloomi) - Drum fill into the first verse. Everything is very tight in this song and it sounds killer. Darian Mazloomi of Argent Strand is a very well known amazing deathcore vocalist in the Vancouver, BC area and his part on this track for some reason doesn't seem to stand out much over Angelmaker's amazing vocalists! I absolutely love the pauses in the beginning of some of the breakdowns it makes it much more interesting to listen to. This track ends with a fat "REEEEEEE" and then into the extremely fast double kick part with more guitar that gets stuck in your head. 

5) Satan Force: 666 - This track starts off with another guitar riff intro and then into blast beats then into a really tight breakdown. I have seen this band live once and the drummer's (Jesse Price) stage presence was so memorable that I actually remember what he was doing at the 1:36 in this song. I suggest if you live in the Vancouver, BC area and you have a chance to go check these guys out you should do it. There is a really cool fast picking guitar breakdown into panning between both the right and the left speakers and then into a killer breakdown to end the song. This is the shortest full track on the EP but it still slays. 

6) Makers Of Nihility - This is the last track off the EP and it is a perfect ending to this EP. It starts off with some cool fast picking and then into this breakdown with really cool tom hits in between the accents of the actual breakdown. There is this one extremely amazing catchy guitar part/solo around the middle of this song that I sing along to every time I listen to it. And then to end this amazing track there is this unbelievable heavy guitar riff and ends the song and the EP so perfectly. This track is clearly my favourite track off this EP! 

Like I mentioned earlier,  this is a  brilliant work of art, a Heavy Metal masterpiece. Every single track off Decay is absolutely amazing. The vocalists absolutely killed it on every track, and stood out throughout the album. The vocal work is clearly very thought out. It is really quite amazing, considering the age of the vocalists. The drum work on this EP is extremely skillful. The amazing fills, insanely tight breakdowns and extremely fast double kick make me believe Jesse Price could be one of the best drummers at the age of 17 that I have personally met. The guitar work on this EP in my opinion is the most impressive out of any instrument. Every breakdown, every solo, every riff... All guitar work is absolutely amazing.  The structure of each and every song off this EP is outstanding and the diversity throughout the EP is amazing as well. It is really amazing and rare to see a band this young write an amazing EP such as Decay.

RATING - 4.5/5

Make sure to check out Angelmaker at their EP release show which is their next show on September 30th 2012 at the Tom Lee Music Hall in Vancouver, BC Canada. 

Also make sure to check out and download their EP when it is released on September 15th 2012 and check Angelmaker out on Facebook for any further updates!

1) Decay
2) Hell
3) Blaze
4) What I've Become (Feat. Darian Mazloomi)
5) Satan Force: 666
6) Makers Of Nihility 

Review written by: Dallas Turner (Twitter: @DallasTurner)
Parts of review edited by: Justin Smith

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